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After installing Cyberpanel on a server, you can access the panel using https://your-domian-name:8090. However, this will give you a warning like below, Having a Hostname SSL removes this problem and allows you to access Cyberpanel on a Subdomain(or domain)

Your connection is not private error that u get when accessing Cyberpanel with your IP address at port8090

How to issue a Hostname SSL certificate

You can do this for a subdomain or main domain the process is exactly the same

If u are doing this for a subdomain make sure u have website created for that subdomain on your Cyberpanel

In this tutorial I will use the subdomain but the process is exactly the same for a main domain too

Step one : – Create a website for your subdomain(or domain)

Before continuing further make sure you have created a website with a domain you want to access Cyberpanel as (To learn how to create your first website click here).

If you want to access Cyberpanel on: , create an website with domain “". While creating the website you can either Select SSL or not, it is optional

Step Two: – Issue the hostname SSL for your subdomain(or main domain)

Go to your Cyberpanel then click on the SSL icon

Cyberpanel main page
click on SSL tab

Then click on HOSTNAME SSL

Select hostname SSL

Then Select your subdomain(or domain) and click on Issue SSL

Select your website and then click on Issue SSL

Give it some time and then boom u will get the below message

Success message;- SSL Issued. You can now access Cyberpanel at: https://"domain":8090

You Have successfully Added a Hostname SSL to your Cyberpanel installation

You can now access your Cyberpanel on the subdomain you issued the Hostname SSL on by going to

If instead u choose your main domain for the hostname SSL then simply go to

if you have any questions please leave a comment below


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